Threaded interrupts and preemption

Alessio Igor Bogani abogani at
Wed Apr 14 06:48:14 UTC 2010

Hi Chase,

2010/4/13 Chase Douglas <chase.douglas at>:
> Any chance we can get this up on
> That's where all the other
> kernel sources are, so I think it would increase the visibility of the
> project and make it easier for us devs to hack on it :).

I have access on Zinc since 2007. I have placed PREEMPT_RT Sources
(and specific packaging rules) on it until Hardy (included).
After that I stopped because my uploader(*) start to do changes
without honor the git tree (as you can suppose It have created a lot
of problems to me). I hope to place sources again on Zinc as soon as I
obtain per-package upload right on linux-rt package (and after that I
have created that package and supported it for more than three years I
think that it should be right thing to do).

By the way, Why my SSH session became so much slow? An simple `ls`
take a very long time to be executed! :-)


(*) Indeed since Intrepid linux-rt is shipped a stand-alone package
from universe archive (so under MOTU control) when until Hardy it was
shipped together all the other kernels (under our Team control).

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