Apple Magic Mouse drivers for Lucid

Chase Douglas chase.douglas at
Sat Apr 3 19:57:30 UTC 2010

Hello all,

I've got an Apple Magic Mouse, and I love it in OS X. Sadly, drivers
for the multitouch surface of the mouse only went into linux for
2.6.33. Since the hid drivers have been re-modularized for Lucid, I've
been able to build a dkms package for the drivers.

First though, a big warning: due to module versioning and
dependencies, the dkms package has to rebuild all of the hid drivers.
All of the source code is pulled from Lucid, but six patches were
applied on top of the Lucid hid stack. Thus, if there are issues with
the patches applied to the hid stack you may lose your keyboard and/or
mice! That said, all the patches come from 2.6.33, so there shouldn't
be any issues.

The kernel drivers look feature complete, but there's no X driver yet,
so overall features are pretty bare. What you get by using this
package is very rough scrolling and multitouch input events that
*could* be interpreted by an X driver. I hope to be able to contribute
to development of this driver myself, and if there are meaningful
changes I will add them to the ppa as they are available.

The magicmouse-kernel-source package may be found at
ppa:chasedouglas/magicmouse. The source code is at
git:// The first commit
contains Lucid source, and subsequent commits are patches from 2.6.33
or enablement tweaks for Lucid.

-- Chase

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