Intel USB client driver situation

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Thu Oct 29 14:38:17 UTC 2009

Hi Kernel team,

I use Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 LTS on a Intel Atom based device 
with the LPIA port from

There is the Intel USB client driver (IUSBC) included in the Ubuntu Linux
kernel 2.6.24 as patch "0017-poulsbo_USBC.patch".

Because the driver is a bit outdated (2.0.0), I asked Intel for a newer
one (currently 2.3.0), but got the answer, than usually they provide
this driver to OS vendors only.

My questions are:
Could you please update the driver to the latest one in kernel 2.6.24?

If not, because Hardy is stable, could you please ask Intel for updated driver and provide it separately?

Why is this driver not included in kernels after 2.6.24 anymore?
Could it be added to the recent kernels again?

Kind regards,

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