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  We would like to introduce our Unique USB flash drive and shall be
obligated if you kindly publish below our product news of Ceramic USB Flash
Drive of your media publishing or product distribution channel. This product
is now in competition of winning the IF Product Awards and Material Awards
2010. We confident that we would win the awards and bring back the good news
to you.
  Rich your digital equipment storage collection with the unique Ceramic USB
flash drive 
SEGON has introduced a new family of SEGON USB flash drives, including
several built-in utilities software.
The company said that the SEGON Ceramic USB flash drive is the first Ceramic
made USB flash drive in the world.
With capacities up to 32GB or more , the SEGON Ceramic USB flash drive is
designed with a combination of elegant traditional Chinese art and modern
day technology! Featuring four mythical Chinese creatures that is said to
bring peace, harmony, enlightment and fortune, it is the perfect collector's
According to the company, the USB flash drive with ceramic material has
following features: 
1. Cooler temperature and better heat dissipation 
2. Environment friendly and oxidation free material (plastic > oxidize,
metal > rust) 
3. Excellent texture feel 
4. Produced using traditional ceramic production methods (14 procedures and
enduring 1600 degrees Celsius heat) 
5. Chemical, water, wear and tear resistant
Harry Wu, Sales Manager of flash application product marketing at SEGON,
said: " People buy USB flash drive having two options. One is, High capacity
at cheapest price  or alternatively would pay higher price for unique model.
SEGON Ceramic USB flash drive understand consumers need for offering an
affordable ;unique model and optimize performance Ceramic USB flash drive.
USB flash now simply not just a digital storage, but even more is a perfect
collection item!
For more information on the SEGON Ceramic USB flash drives and other models
and flash memory solutions, please contact Harry Wu or visit

About SEGON Memory

SEGON Memory is a manufacturer of high quality flash memory application
products. SEGON Memory is a manufacture firm as one of largest supplier for
USB Flash drive and memory card in Asia . SEGON storage solution offers
Flash memory solutions for the latest digital cameras, digital audio
players, mobile phones and PDAs. SEGON is headquartered in Taipei,Taiwan,
has sales offices throughout the Taiwan, China and Hongkong for worldwide
distribution. For more information, visit the company's website at

Media Contact:
Harry Wu
Marketing Manager
SEGON Memory ( SEGON Technology Co.,Ltd)
Email/msn: harry at
SEGON ±íî^.jpg
Best Regards
Segon Technology Co.,Ltd
Address: 12F,10,No.866 , JhongJheng Road., Jhonghe City ,Taipei County 235
 <TEL:+886-2-2221-6689> TEL:+886-2-2221-6689
Email 1:  <mailto:harry at> harry at
Email 2:  <mailto:sales1 at> sales1 at
Website:  <>
Facebook Website:
ication/130809408771  ( Need to Login)
msn:  <mailto:harry at> harry at
skypeID: harrysegon
Yahoo Messenger: harrysegon
Other competitive price for product list as below
1.    Call to supply for Generic Printing(OEM) Bulk Micro SD(TF Card)
1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB  SMI+SAM 4GB/8GB/16GB are Micro SDHC class 6 with CPRM
2.    Call to supply for Generic Printing(OEM) Bulk SD Card
1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16 GB SMI+SAM 4GB/8GB/16GB are SDHC class 6 with CPRM
3.    Call to supply Generic M2 Memory card in bulk(with Sony Brand printed)
4.    Kingston OEM DT101  2GB/4GB in bulk. With Kingston Logo on it. More
Capacity applicable. For OEM market(Not original Kingston, but quality is
99% Original) .Available Retail Packing on separate.
5.    Call for UPD COB Memory Stick 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB SMI +SAM /UT165+SAM
6.    Various Form type Micro SD or M2 Card Reader or Dual.
7.    SEGON branded various innovative type of USB Flash Drive(Turbo,G1,
Ceramic, Bees, Stride Forward, Speed, Coin Hard drive, Chocolate, Key,
Sailing) 2GB/4GB/8GB/16GB
8.    Various OEM USB Flash Drive , please visit : (Please state whether you need in bulk or in
Retail Packing) . Customize Logo available for quantity start from 3000 Pcs
. Less then required quantity, required deposit USD 350 . The deposit is
refundable for purchasing 3000 Pcs within 3 months. Otherwise OEM product
are only available in Generic(Plain) printed. (We have great offer for offer
for 2GB)
Download SEGON Technology Company Profile :
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