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Rogério Brito rbrito at
Mon Oct 19 23:57:16 UTC 2009

Hi, Vincent and others,

On Oct 19 2009, Vincent Sanders wrote:
> IDE to libata decision
> ----------------------
> Debian will perform this transition using the udev packages in a
> similar way to Ubuntu. The Ubuntu developers have offered their
> assistance with this transition.

There are some blocking bugs that still need to be worked on, really.

For instance, I have here a pdc controller whose ide driver works
flawlessly, but for which the corresponding libata driver is not really
ready for prime time.

The Linux IDE people are amazingly great, but some bugs are still there.
This one persists, in particular. :-(

It's very visible with Ubuntu's kernel for many releases (since it uses
libata). The way that I'm working with that computer is that I'm
hand-compiling my own kernels, for the moment, but I'm not always there
to support my parents using it and the distribution kernels don't work
satisfactorily. (Unfortunately).


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