SRU request for LP#263217

Colin Ian King colin.king at
Tue Sep 9 14:06:45 UTC 2008

SRU justification:

Impact: Motorola Z6 phone is unable to connect in USB Mass Storage Mode
because of buggy phone USB implementation.

Fix: The patch from upstream commit cc36bdd47ae51b66780b317c1fa519221f894405
describes new "unusual" USB device for this phone with FIX_INQUIRY 
and FIX_CAPACITY flags and new BULK_IGNORE_TAG flag. Last flag relaxes 
the check for equality of bcs->Tag and us->tag in usb_stor_Bulk_transport().

Testing: Without the patch, the phone does not connect as a Mass Storage
Device, with the patch, it does. 

Patch tested in my PPA by Sergey Nizovtsev:

Attached: The patch

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