PS3 - return to custom flavour or stick with powerpc64-smp?

Dan Munckton lists at
Sat May 17 09:44:42 UTC 2008

Hi Ben

On Wed, 2008-05-14 at 23:52 -0400, Ben Collins wrote:
> > * The current plan [2] is to try and get an installable Hardy on PS3 for
> > 8.04.1. I'm sure I can put together the custom flavour in time but would
> > it be accepted or are we going to have to focus on the Ibex?
> For now, I'd concentrate on intrepid. PowerPC is an unmaintained port in
> hardy, so post-release updates are not going to get priority, and in
> most cases wont be accepted.

Ok I understand. To be honest I'd be happy to focus on Intrepid if
that's the path of least resistance.

> > * Would any of the current custom flavour maintainers (lpia, openvz, rt,
> > xen) be prepared to share their experiences of the
> > benefits/disadvantages/gotchas of this approach?
> I would rather not take on custom flavours for this. If there are bugs
> preventing the multi-arch powerpc64-smp kernel from working (which it
> was in gutsy), then those should be fixed.

Agreed. So then, I need to get BenH's patch into a kernel build and
subsequently onto an Intrepid PS3 daily live so that we start testing
the installer. Would you accept his patch [0] (which works fine without
needing to modify the existing Hardy powerpc config) into the Intrepid
kernel just now? Or should we change the config options recommended by
Geoff [1] (not yet tested by me)?

Also the upstream Cell team recommend using only 9MB for the ps3fb [2]
so I'd like to change that too if possible.

Any news on getting that PS3 repo on that I could
start pushing changes to? I realise you're probably busy getting ready
for UDS, so just let me know when it'll be possible.




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