SRU LP #268622 UBUNTU: SAUCE: atl2: add tx bytes statistic

Tim Gardner tcanonical at
Fri Dec 26 18:38:20 UTC 2008

Jim Lieb wrote:
> Intrepid has the pre-2.6.28 version of the atl2 driver iin the ubuntu/ tree. 
> This is a re-write of 2.6.27 series driver.
> As with the 2.6.28 driver, the ISR forgets to maintain a transmit byte count.
> This patch mirrors the change in the 2.6.28 version.
> Proposing for SRU to Intrepid.
> Hardy has the old driver which accurately manages statistics in its own way.
> Jaunty has the new driver with its version of this patch.  

ACK - applied;a=commit;h=8e640a9df6bfd5d31fddd3183a1394c263f60057

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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