SRU LP #268622 UBUNTU: SAUCE: atl2: add tx bytes statistic

Jim Lieb jim.lieb at
Tue Dec 23 22:54:23 UTC 2008

Intrepid has the pre-2.6.28 version of the atl2 driver iin the ubuntu/ tree. 
This is a re-write of 2.6.27 series driver.

As with the 2.6.28 driver, the ISR forgets to maintain a transmit byte count.
This patch mirrors the change in the 2.6.28 version.

Proposing for SRU to Intrepid.

Hardy has the old driver which accurately manages statistics in its own way.
Jaunty has the new driver with its version of this patch.  
Jim Lieb
Ubuntu Kernel Team
Canonical Ltd.
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