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Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com
Mon Oct 1 15:58:23 UTC 2007

Brian Murray wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 01, 2007 at 03:37:56PM +0100, Matthew Garrett wrote:
>> On Mon, Oct 01, 2007 at 08:24:07AM -0600, Tim Gardner wrote:
>>>>       UBUNTU: Work around uvc suspend issues
>> Brian Murray brought this up on IRC. I thought he referenced a bug at 
>> the time, but I can't find it now.
> I did not submit a bug report for the bug that I was experiencing but I
> could quickly do that if it would be helpful in getting the patch added.
> I seem to recall Ben mentioning that he had been hearing quite a few
> issues about it also.
> Thanks, 

Brian, at this point in the kernel development cycle a Launchpad bug
report is required for any kernel updates. Ben sent a policy update to
the kernel-team list on 9/18.

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at ubuntu.com

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