Triage of 2.6.22 bugs

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Thu Aug 30 15:05:51 UTC 2007


According to 
(and we 
are now at ~350 open bugs on the 2.6.22 kernel. The ones that concern me 
here are the ~110 in the New state and generally the ~180 bugs with 
Undecided priority. Some of these have not had a reply and some have 
simply not been prioritised or set to 'Needs Info' (or whatever is 

When we spoke in London 2.6.22 was looking good; there were about 50 
open bugs and they were generally in a well-triaged state. Now we are 
approaching the point where the list seems to be getting a bit out of 

Brian has been doing a good amount of kernel triage lately, and this 
week has been focusing on 2.6.20 bugs, requesting testing on Gutsy, and 
bringing issues forward as appropriate. I think that's a good task for a 
QA team member, but I think the kernel team should stay on top of the 
2.6.22 bugs being reported. Some team (like Mozilla) have a team of 
volunteers who take care of most of the initial triage. It would be 
great if such a team could be formed around the kernel as well, but 
lacking that the kernel team itself should take responsibility for this 

I'm happy to work with kernel team members on the triaging process. Few 
bugs can be triaged completely in one round, but IMO it's important to 
set the importance and move the bugs out of New so we avoid having a big 
Unknown pile building up with unknown surprises. It should only take use 
a few hours to work through the current untriaged list and bring it back 
under control.

I'm also interested to hear from volunteer members of this list who 
would be interested in kernel triage. I would encourage you to apply for 
ubuntu-qa so you can set importance and set bugs to Triaged.

Ubuntu QA Team

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