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I took a short break from being insanely handsome (which takes a lot of my
time - gorgeous doesn't just happen) and based on similar work for Mercurial
created a little SVG cheat sheet for Git. I'm not sure if it's going to be
useful for anyone else (the target audience was composed of engineers who
agreed to move to and work from Norway so you know right of the bat that
historically they already made some bad decisions), but the times when I do
art are so rare that I feel the need to share.

The thing that I took from the Mercurial sheet, besides the idea, is the
flow-chart (people dig icecream and flow-charts, the first one is really hard
to get into a SVG rendering so I went with the second) so the license is the
same as of the Mercurial sheet which was Creative Commons.
There's likely a few errors in it and if you have any suggestions or if you
sport latex pants and a fancy green hairdo that goes with those pants (which
equals the fact that you're an artist) and would like to pimp the sheet out,
it would be my pleasure to help you.

The SVG is at:
Sample png's are here:

with much (platonic) love,
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