Patch for upgrading iwlwifi drivers

Wang, Yong Y at
Mon Aug 13 10:52:31 UTC 2007

Tim, thank you very much for all your suggestions!
 I just sent out a new patch based on your suggestions and it's pending

> 1) When updating debian/changelog you should bump the version number.
> this case from 2.6.22-9.22 to 2.6.22-9.23.


> 2) Ben had trouble reading the EEPROM on at least one machine. The fix
> was to extend the timeout loop count from 10 to 100. I noticed that
> have reverted this fix.
> -       for (to = 0; to < 100; to++) {
> +       for (to = 0; to < 10; to++) {

Sorry, I forgot about that. I recovered Ben's modification this time.
BTW, Ben, could you let me on which machine we can reproduce this issue.
Then we can evaluate whether it's a general issue and needs to be fixed
in upstream.

> 3) Since you have an account on, it is preferable that
> you request a pull from your git repository for gutsy kernel and lum
> changes, while also publishing the patches to
> kernel-team at You can use 'git format-patch --stdout'
> generate an email.

The new iwlwifi drivers are ready for git pull on now.
The code is in both
my home directory and
BTW, who is responsible for doing that? I mean pulling from my git repo.


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