Patch for upgrading iwlwifi drivers

Wang, Yong Y at
Fri Aug 10 08:33:13 UTC 2007


This is Yong Wang from Rolla's team. Pls find attached the patch against
ubuntu-gutsy-lum.git for upgrading iwlwifi drivers from v0.0.42 to
v1.0.0-1. As you might know, iwlwifi v0.0.42 which is currently included
in ubuntu-gutsy-lum.git has a critical bug that IBSS mode does not work.
We already resolved this issue in iwlwifi v1.0.0-1 and our validation on
Gutsy tribe 3 showed pretty good results.

Could you pls review it and get it merged into git repo if appropriate?
Since this is the first time I submit patch, pls let me know if I have
done anything wrong in terms of following Ubuntu development process;-)
Thank you very much!



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