Edgy kernel plans

Ben Collins bcollins at ubuntu.com
Tue May 30 13:13:51 UTC 2006

With dapper release due in just a few days, I've started on getting the
next kernel ready for edgy. The primary git tree:


is now the development tree for edgy, and dapper has been moved to:


The new tree is currently tracking Linus' main git (2.6.17-rc). I've
merged 99% of everything to this new tree. Most of our custom changes
were reverted to stock code (all of sound, parisc, ia64, sparc64,
bcm43xx, ieee80211, etc).

It is now building on all architectures. I am having problems booting
sparc64-smp on my e3k, but I am tracking that down. It is also having
issues on hppa(parisc) due to a binutils bug.

Once I get sparc64 worked out, I will be ready to upload.
Linux-restricted-modules has been ported to this new tree and is
building, working and tested on i386, amd64 and powerpc so far.

The reason for getting this tree ready so quickly is so we have a solid
ready-to-use base for edgy. I expect a lot of the specs for the kernel
that got turned down at UBZ to be looked into at the Paris distro sprint
in June. It should be a lot easier to plan and implement things such as
kdump and xen.

So the current plan for edgy is a 2.6.17 kernel. However, I am keeping a
close eye on the release cycle, and if 2.6.18 is going to be ready in
time, we may continue tracking up through that release. Most likely
2.6.17 is the target kernel though.

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