[Bug 8586] swsusp fails after automatic kernel upgrade

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Thu Sep 29 18:39:18 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From puff at darksleep.com  2005-09-29 19:39 UTC -------
I've encountered two different (but similar) problems on my Thinkpad T43p.

With the vanilla ubuntu install, I was getting the occasional "swsusp: Resume
mismatch: version" on restarting, and it would start from scratch.

I installed the linux-686 module to get the full benefit of my memory (the
default kernel only sees 1GB, while I have 2GB total) and my CPU.  Then swsusp
stopped working at all - it wouldn't even shut down cleanly, I had to hard-shutdown.

I'm also seeing swsusp "lose" the ipw2200 module on resume.  I'll file a
separate bug on that.

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