2.6.12-9.19 scheduled for tomorrow (9/30)

Ben Collins ben.collins at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 29 14:38:08 UTC 2005

If you have any patches that you think need to be in, please let me know.
Next upload will probably be the end of next week. Over this weekend, and
next week I'll be doing mostly debugging to try and get any regressions
from hoary out of breezy kernel.

The changes here are only trivial ones.

The ata passthrough appears needed for some laptops. It may even fix some
of the bugs we are seeing, but that still needs to be tested.

The ppc ADB_PMU was needed in order to get G5's to reboot again, rather
than drop to a shell.

The ibook sound was a really trivial patch adding some device id's to an
existing driver. No new code.

Fabio, you mentioned that the security fix may be broken. Can you confirm
that it is still ok, or should it be removed?

After 9.19, only regression fixes are likely to get in.

Here's the current changelog:

  Changes by Fabio M. Di Nitto:

  * [SECURITY]: Fix URB early termination OOPS.

  Changed by Ben Collins:

  * Fix powerpc CONFIG_ABD_PMU. It needs to be enabled for G5 powerbooks.

  * sound-ppc_support-newer-ibooks: Patch name says it all.

  * drivers-scsi-libata-passthrough: Support for ata passthrough with hdparm
    and smartmon tools. (Closes: #14931)

  * drivers-scsi-libata-fix-error-handling: Removed old error handling fix, and
    replaced with one-liner fix from 2.6.13.

  Changes by LaMont Jones:

  * Fix driver panic in hppa in led driver.
    - Add arch-hppa_led.

  * ia64 config cleanup

   Ben Collins <ben.collins at ubuntu.com>
   Ubuntu Linux

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