2.6.12-9.14 coming soon

Ben Collins ben.collins at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 20 16:06:33 UTC 2005

No, that isn't a typo in the version. Yes, we are breaking the ABI. It's a
small patch to PCMCIA that fixes usage of newer TI chipsets found in a lot
of HP laptop's. Without the patch, PCMCIA doesn't work on these machines.
I think that warrants an ABI change.

Among other things of note on this upload:

* Dropping sky2 driver. It's way too unstable and untested to serve as
  our replacement Yukon2 driver. So we are getting sk98lin back in with an
  updated patch from the vendor, and killing all the supported PCI dev
  id's to just the ones that skge doesn't support.

* A few inotify fixes. Most notably, the one that causes disappearing
  files in file managers using inotify (Bug #14458)

* Lots of other various fixes, I'll post the final changelog here

Since we are breaking the ABI, I will also be adding the ABI files to the
kernel image .deb's, so I can collect them swiftly and without much hassle
after this upload in preperation for 9.15.

I expect to do this upload on Thursaday.

   Ben Collins <ben.collins at ubuntu.com>
   Ubuntu Linux

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