Suspend2 for Dapper?

Andreas Happe news_0403 at
Tue Oct 4 16:22:23 UTC 2005

On 2005-10-03, Karl Hegbloom <hegbloom at> wrote:
> I would like to see the Suspend2 patches in the Dapper kernel.  I
> believe that they are working hard on getting those into the mainstream
> kernel, but I don't know when that will be.

> Suspend2 can hibernate to a file, or to a swap partition.  It can
> hibernate to encrypted swap or file system also.

swsusp (i think since some rc - cycles) can also encrypt hibernate data
(the key is also stored on the swap - partition).

> It has a user-space
> progress display that gives visual feedback about the suspend and resume
> cycle.

works with bootsplash - a thing that should not be in the kernel in the
first place. Google for swsusp3 which should be able to do all those
funky stuff in user-space and it is being developed by the current
swsusp maintainer.

> It can probably be worked into 'usplash' with a little bit of work.

see above.


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