Suspend2 for Dapper?

Jean-Eric Cuendet jec at
Tue Oct 4 10:39:43 UTC 2005

> The thing is that the Suspend2 works on my laptop, but the one in the
> Breezy kernel does not.  Additionally, the 'hibernate' script that is
> part of the Suspend2 project does a much nicer job of managing the
> hibernate and resume than the 'acpi-support' scripts do.  (I wish that
> it just used 'hibernate', since it should support the Breezy suspend
> with simple modifications to its configuration file.)
> Suspend2 can hibernate to a file, or to a swap partition.  It can
> hibernate to encrypted swap or file system also.  It has a user-space
> progress display that gives visual feedback about the suspend and resume
> cycle.  It can probably be worked into 'usplash' with a little bit of
> work.

Yes, hibernate is nicer in a lot of aspects than suspend_mainline

> Please spend at least one day investigating and trying out Suspend2 and
> 'hibernate' before you "shoot it down".

The problem IMO, is that suspend2 is *very* invasive. Applying suspend2 
and then add other patches (bluetooth, acpi, inotify, ...) is very hard.
That's why, I think it's a bad idea to apply suspend2 for Dapper kernel.

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