[Bug 39315] Re: Keyboard random repeat and dropped key presses

Christian Schuerer csw at xray.at
Tue Feb 26 21:42:39 UTC 2008

Guy Gong, you are not posting to a forum but to a bug report. As far as
I can say from your description, you are not having the bug which is
reported here. The bug was (in older versions of the linux kernel), that
any key pressed was repeated or sometimes any key press was simply
ignored. Your problem is that suddenly your right arrow key hangs and
generates key press events. This seems to be a hardware fault (maybe
dust or similar), as you experience this problem right at boot time
(even in the BIOS). The bug which is described here only occurred at
certain versions of the kernel. It didn't happen in the BIOS, nor in

I suggest you to get your notebook hardware (keyboard) checked.

Keyboard random repeat and dropped key presses
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