[Bug 39315] Re: Keyboard random repeat and dropped key presses

Guy Gong guygong at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 15:44:49 UTC 2008

I went into my CMOS and it scrolls through the menus as well. I can
control it by pressing on the left arrow key and it keeps it from
scrolling on it's own to the right and the right arrow key will actually
work when I actually press it. By the same token, I have to press down
on the right arrow key in order to keep it from scrolling out of control
to the left. I can do the same when I boot into Mandriva 2008. I could
live with it because I can at utilize most of it but where it still
annoying is when I want to use my spreadsheet application or when I am
watching a DVD. This all seemed to start when trying to set my palm zire
to sync, which worked in Mandriva 2006. I've seen posts on the net
regarding a kpilot problem but don't see how that would have affected
the keyboard on my laptop, and even stranger, how would it have affected
the keyboard even while in CMOS. Again, sorry that I'm posting in a
Ubuntu forum.

Keyboard random repeat and dropped key presses
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