[Bug 190515] Re: [Hardy][Intrepid] Low bandwidth with rt2400 / rt2500 drivers

markthecarp markthecarp at jmarkcox.net
Mon Dec 22 10:45:25 UTC 2008

Marty wrote:
> Sebastian, driver compatibility with NetworkManager is kind of pointless
> if it means my wireless card doesn't work.
> I'd rather have a working wireless card using either static
> configuration or something more elegant like Wicd.
For me the easy solution was buying another pcmcia card.

In my opinion the current state of this kernel module is SHAMEFUL.

Yes the caps were intentional.

I test from a nearly 6 year old laptop. This kernel module is useless in
every distro I've tried.

For those that have built in wireless that is rt25* use ndiswrapper,
windows or another card.

D-Link WNA-2330, $30 at my  local officedespot works great.

Oh yeah use Linux it is great! everything just works, do not worry about
virii because you cannot connect :\


P.S.  No, I'm not a smart a**

[Hardy][Intrepid] Low bandwidth with rt2400 / rt2500 drivers
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