[Bug 190515] Re: [Hardy][Intrepid] Low bandwidth with rt2400 / rt2500 drivers

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Thu Dec 25 14:37:15 UTC 2008

I am a bit confused, could someone confirm my thoughts, please?

- There are two GPL drivers for this wlan card:

- One driver is the in the linux kernel and is called rt2x00 [1]. This driver works, but is not compatible to network manager.
(The last tarball seems to be from 'Apr 30 2007' [2] , so this seems a bit dead, but there are still updates from time to time in the linux kernel (e.g. [3]), so it is not dead. Why does it not work with network manager? Is there a problem in the driver or in network manager? Is there already a bug report for this issue?

- The other driver is called rt2500pci. This driver is shipped with
Ubuntu and is used by default for the rt2500 chips. This driver works
with network manager, but is extremely slow. Is there a bug report
against exactly this package?

I don't understand completely what's going on here, could someone please
help me? Thanks!

[1] http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
[2] http://sourceforge.net/projects/rt2400/
[3] http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=2bb057d07a0bc17475a7bf897fc41667ab08b73f

[Hardy][Intrepid] Low bandwidth with rt2400 / rt2500 drivers
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