[Bug 24828] Re: IPv6 should be disabled by default

Vincenzo Ciancia vincenzo_ml at yahoo.it
Sun Mar 18 10:27:56 UTC 2007

Thomas, perhaps I don't understand very well the features of ipv6 that
you mention. If it was just a matter of additional features, then the
solution would be the same as with providing compiz or beryl by default:
even if the scale (OSX exposé alike) plugin is really an usability aid,
since it shows you all the windows at once, and moreover desktop effects
are a good publicity for a linux distribution now that both OSX and
Vista have them, ubuntu will not ship compiz by default since it might
break things for people having broken opengl support in their video
card. I have a card supported by open source drivers and have no such
problems, but will not demand compiz by default on ubuntu because I want
all newbies to be able to use ubuntu, and don't want them to see a
"broken" thing at installation.

The examples you mentioned are university and business, and in both
cases you will have a sysadmin or at least basic networking instructions
telling you that ipv6 is useful and advising you to enable it. It seems
like home users won't really need ipv6 and won't have anyone telling
them to check whether ipv6 is breaking things or not - in general. If
every case was like that, there would be no reason to enable ipv6 by
default. The example brought by Fabio is really interesting: he has a
home provider that needs ipv6 enabled. The question is: did they warn
you, in their initial instructions, that you needed to enable ipv6? In
general, it still seems to me that a provider requiring ipv6 is
something rare w.r.t. a provider breaking with ipv6.

IPv6 should be disabled by default

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