[Bug 24828] Re: IPv6 should be disabled by default

Milan nalimilan at club.fr
Sat Mar 24 17:26:09 UTC 2007

Here in France, Tecom AH4222 is distributed by one of the major FAIs,
and it suffers from this bug too.

Your reaction to the report is strange. I think we need to allow
disabling IPv6 easily, eg via a checkbox in System -> Administration
->Network, along with Avahi enabling option. We could add a tooltip
explaining that IPv6 is generating delays and connection errors with
buggy routers.This is IMHO compulsory, because a normal user (even
advanced users are confused) won't know where to search for a solution.
Feisty will suffer from comparison with Windows XP on the *numerous*
routers that handle IPv6 badly.

I'm in favor of disabling IPv6 by default since it's still the
exception, and that people who use it most often know they use it, and
will still be able to use Internet with IPv4. I agree it's good we help
passing to IPv6, but Ubuntu's worldwide influence in this domain is
little, and people who own buggy routers will still have them. We should
always focus on usability: we don't have to force the user to use new
technologies if they can bring issues. They should at least be proposed
to disable it easily.

Why even no workaround was found in more than a year ?! Now Feisty is to
be released, and for at least 6 month people coming from Windows as well
as old Linux users will have to bear a slow connection.

IPv6 should be disabled by default

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