[Bug 12483] Re: [Bug 12483] Re: laptop-mode/IDE-APM hang on various laptops

Bart Samwel bart at samwel.tk
Sun Sep 24 10:37:39 UTC 2006

cinchurge wrote:
>> Hmmm, this may be unrelated if disabling laptop mode doesn't make it go
>> away. Especially since there's suspending involved, which there isn't in
>> the other reports.
> thanks for the help, but does this look like any other known bug of
> Ubuntu? it's driving me crazy... a laptop is almost no good to me if it
> can't suspend right :(

I get that. Eh... perhaps bug 40929. Otherwise, I don't know. Anything 
related should show up by searching for "freeze" or "hang", but I don't 
see anything that looks like it. Anybody else remember any similar bugs?

laptop-mode/IDE-APM hang on various laptops

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