[Bug 31993] Unworkable workaround (Re: Shutdown no longer powers off computer (Dapper laptop))

Peter Whittaker pwwnow at gmail.com
Tue May 16 13:15:06 UTC 2006

The workaround mentioned by Roax (boot with acpi=force) is inappropriate
in this case owing to ACPI-related problems on this laptop (ThinkPad
A20m, 1999 BIOS). While booting with acpi=force is largely successful
(save for some messages re modules not loaded to prevent EPROM damage),
and while performance with acpi=force "seems better", S3 sleep is
unreliable (recorded in other bugs).

So for the moment I am stuck with manually turning the machine off once
"shutdown" is "complete". Ironically, restart works fine, the machine
powers itself off and on again.

Note: Bug continues with latest Dapper (all updates as of 20060516)

Shutdown no longer powers off computer (Dapper laptop)

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