[Bug 21969] repeated oops in networking code/memory allocation with linux-image-2.6.15-11-686

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------- Additional Comments From florin at iucha.net  2006-01-06 05:35 UTC -------
I remember what I was doing at the time of the oops: I was burning a DVD with 2
GB worth of ogg files using the nautilus cd burner.

The topology is: athena is the server, exporting /home via nfs, vers=3,tcp to
zeus which is the workstation. The ogg files were local to zeus, as is the dvd
burner. The only thing that might have happened is that natilus tried to create
a temporary iso file in the home dir, otherwise I cannot explain the oops on the

zeus has 2GB RAM, athena has 512MB RAM.
zeus runs breezy/amd64, athena runs dapper/i386.
they are connected via a gigabit ethernet swich and everybody uses jumbo frames.

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