[Bug 17899] Re: Ubuntu (Breezy) freezes after wireless config change (ndiswrapper)

Mathieu Perona mathieu.perona at ens.fr
Tue Apr 4 09:22:45 UTC 2006

Same thing with the Netgear WG511 card, with the Marvel chipset. The reason of your freeze is probably a kernel Oops (I get one each time), so rebooting is indeed the best thing to do. 

Part of the problem (this is a wild guess) that the ndisgtk frontend does not do the 
depmod -a
before loading the ndiswrapper module. 

I have had this bug since 2.6.15-12, and still have in one on my machines on 2.6.15-19. I managed to get rid of on the other machine (same installation, same card), but I do not remember how.

Ubuntu (Breezy) freezes after wireless config change (ndiswrapper)

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