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------- Additional Comments From rq at akl.lt  2005-12-26 21:20 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #99)
> (In reply to comment #98)
> > Here's a similar entry in the kernel changelog:
> >   * [SECURITY]: Fix a typo with the overtemp code in the g5 thermal driver can
> >     cause abrupt shutdowns on some machines. Theoretically a user could perform
> >     a local DoS abusing the CPU to the point where the machine will shutdown:
> >     - Add patch drivers-macintosh-thermpm72_CVE-2005-XXXX.dpatch.
> > 
> > Not much difference from our situation, except that you don't need to heat up
> > the CPU to trigger this bug, just closing the lid is enough.
> > I still don't get it - why can't a patch that is ready be incorporated into your
> > kernel along with (other) security patches?..
> You're comparing a DoS to this bug? These are quite different things. 

I'm comparing the results. In both cases, machine hangs, someone might loose
data. NOT to anyone else though.

> First off, you can work around this problem by disabling the suspend/resume. 

Sure I can. I also have enough knowledge to recompile my kernel. But i don't
think i'm the only person running Breezy on a white iBook in the world.
Furthermore, what I want is a working solution of the problem, not a workaround.
Cuz the best workaround might be simply using OS X.

> Second, the
> person who "closes your lid" has to have physical access to your machine, so
> that kind of negates any security expectations. 

As I said, I've resolved the problem with closing the lid. The problem is that
there are cases (like a battery runout) when the laptop goes to sleep without my
explicit actions. And because I have a buggy charger, which somehow randomly
stops charging while i'm at home (while it works perfectly when i'm at work),
this problem hits me even harder - if I leave my laptop on overnight i can be
almost certain that in the morning I'll have to press cmd-ctrl-power to bring it
back from suspended state.

> The thermal bug could be induced by a normal user who has remote login. Not
the same sort of thing.

As I said, for me personally, this bug gets induced without any interference
from me or anyone else. Why do you resist so hard?

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