[Bug 15573] add hotplug support for marvell discovery gigabit ethernet driver.

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Mon Dec 19 10:06:23 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From luther at debian.org  2005-12-19 10:06 UTC -------
Well, as i understand, a third party installer build should be ok, but the
resulting installed system will kill this patch at each kernel security upgrade,
so that this is not an option unless the patch is applied to the security tree
or whatever, you know best what i mean here, as we discussed this in the past.
So, please leave this bug open in breezy until breezy+1 is released or this
issue is fixed.

As for the fix itself, it is a few line patch, which has absolutely nil effect
on the ABI, nor on any ubuntu supported hardware for the pegasos, i did test
breezy beta and saw this as being a problem, and sent you a patch, so sorry for
feeling bitter that this never got applied or even considered, and when i
complained about this on #ubuntu-kernel, i got abuse and bullshit in return.

So, i guess there is no acceptable solution to this for breezy, so i guess this
bug should be kept open for breezy or whatever bugzilla will allow.

Workaround for users is to add mv643xx_eth to /etc/modules right now.


Sven Luther

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