[Bug 15573] add hotplug support for marvell discovery gigabit ethernet driver.

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------- Additional Comments From cjwatson at ubuntu.com  2005-12-19 09:04 UTC -------
Sorry, but due to the high volume of the work required for kernel security
updates to our three supported stable releases alone, adding features is
unlikely to be high on the list. In any case, implementing the requested feature
in an update to breezy would require rebuilding the breezy installer, which
isn't something we have had the need to do for any stable release to date and so
we have no infrastructure for it. Furthermore, a working rebuild of the breezy
installer would require code changes to at least net-retriever to have it look
for udebs in breezy-updates, which is getting well out of scope for changes in

It should be relatively easy for an interested third party to rebuild the breezy
kernel with this particular patch applied (although without the ABI changes
introduced by security fixes, to avoid having to change installer code to look
for udebs in breezy-updates) and publish a netboot installer image built against
that. I did something similar for Kickstart fixes to the hoary installer which
didn't make it into hoary, without ever opening the can of worms that uploading
a rebuilt hoary installer would have been.

Please refrain from making the type of comments in your second paragraph in
Ubuntu bug reports. This is not a means to discuss the mechanics of pushing
changes upstream, nor a forum for philosophical debate about the differences
between Debian and Ubuntu.

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