juju attach unnecessary interfaces to lxd container

Vladimir Burlakov vvb at fgts.ru
Mon Nov 27 13:18:06 UTC 2017

Hello everyone!
I try to deploy an application to lxd container on manually attached machine (ubuntu-xenial) 
and container do not start, with the error - «Missing parent 'docker_gwbridge’ for nic ‘eth2’». 
I see in the logs, that juju tries to add docker interfaces to the container, though on a target 
machine default lxd profile has no such interfaces.. I wonder, if someone can help me to fix
the issue? 

$ juju --version: 

yaml file of the application, that i trying to deploy: 
$ cat keystone.yaml
 admin-password: openstack
 openstack-origin: 'cloud:xenial-pike'
 worker-multiplier: 0.25

Default profile on a target machine: 
### Note that the name is shown but cannot be changed
config: {}
description: Default LXD profile
   name: eth0
   nictype: bridged
   parent: br0
   type: nic
name: default

juju machines: 
Machine  State    DNS            Inst id               Series  AZ  Message
0        started  manual:  xenial      Manually provisioned machine
0/lxd/2  down                    pending               xenial      Missing parent 'docker_gwbridge' for nic 'eth2'

juju log, from target machine: 
2017-11-24 11:48:48 INFO juju.container.lxd lxd.go:176 instance "juju-99d66a-0-lxd-2" configured with map[eth0:map[nictype:bridged name:eth0 parent:br0 hwaddr:00:16:3e:d3:42:fc mt
u:1500 type:nic] eth1:map[mtu:1500 type:nic nictype:bridged name:eth1 parent:docker0 hwaddr:00:16:3e:40:4a:7e] eth2:map[name:eth2 parent:docker_gwbridge hwaddr:00:16:3e:e6:fb:5a m
tu:1500 type:nic nictype:bridged]] network devices
2017-11-24 11:48:48 INFO juju.container.lxd lxd.go:187 starting instance "juju-99d66a-0-lxd-2" (image "juju/xenial/amd64")...
2017-11-24 11:48:51 WARNING juju.provisioner provisioner_task.go:747 failed to start instance (Missing parent 'docker_gwbridge' for nic 'eth2'), retrying in 10s (10 more attempts)

Vladimir Burlakov

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