designate-charm/designate-sink patch backport request

Patrizio Bassi patrizio.bassi at
Fri Jun 23 14:34:19 UTC 2017

Hi All

I'm using a juju-deployed openstack. Today i deployed Designate charm (#9)
which pulls and installs:

*designate-sink/xenial,now 1:2.0.0-0ubuntu1 all [installed]*

when using
juju config designate
the %project variable is set to 'None' because of

The sink daemon can't resolve the project name which defaults to None.

This commit fixes the issue for nova and neutron hooks.

It would be great to backport to xenial stable, it looks safe. I applied
locally and it works flawlessy.

I will be happy to test a new deb build if you want.

Regards, have a nice weekend

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