RFC: unmounting /mnt on AWS instances

Kapil Thangavelu kapil.thangavelu at canonical.com
Tue Nov 18 13:54:38 UTC 2014

fwiw, its cloud-init behavior that does the mount. a change to user data
can remediate that (per smoser) is

 - [ephemeral0, null]

On Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 2:51 AM, Stuart Bishop <stuart.bishop at canonical.com>

> On 18 November 2014 09:25, Marco Ceppi <marco at ondina.co> wrote:
> > I have a few charms that expect /mnt to be the ephemeral disk, while it
> > wouldn't be a huge headache and I certainly wouldn't want to stand in the
> > way of progress. It won't be trivial and I'll start to devise a way to
> test
> > all the charms so we can get a count of charms that expect /mnt to exist.
> > This should be a good starting place for how much effort would be
> required
> > to accommodate this new feature.
> Would any charm that expected this work on other providers like
> OpenStack? If so then relying on this, rather than using tools like
> the block storage broker or old-skool explicit manual mounting, could
> be considered a bug for the test runners to pick up.
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