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Fri May 3 20:06:10 UTC 2013

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On 2013-05-02 15:45, Mike Sam wrote:
> These could be trivial questions but I am new to launchpad+go and 
> wondering!
> 1> if I use "go get" command and call a command like this
> go get -v
> <>..
> will I get the latest code of juju-core?
> 2> How can an specific juju-core release source code using the "go
> get" command? I mean like say get the release code of 1.9.12?

It is not possible to do that with 'go get'. And it is one of the
reasons we are looking to replace it as the way to get an 'official'
tree of juju-core + dependencies. Which should happen soonish, because
we want to move trunk to being maintained by a bot. (Which needs it so
that you can land a patch to a dependency, and then land the patch
which updates to use the new dependency.)

> 3> Also, what is the best way to have (like folder hierarchy)
> multiple version of juju-core on one machine?

Because of GOPATH restrictions, you generally will only have 1 active
working directory. So you want to use either cobzr or just a bzr
lightweight checkout of a repository you keep somewhere else.
> 4> is actually "go get" the best way to pull down juju-core go code
> down to my machine?

It is the currently recommended way, as there are a lot of
dependencies. But it does leave some bits to be desired, so we are
working on something better for our purposes.

> Thanks, Mike

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