Using Juju with HP-Cloud - fist impressions

Zygmunt Krynicki zygmunt.krynicki at
Mon Mar 25 01:14:51 UTC 2013


I'm trying to use the new juju on hpcloud, here are the things that I 
found problematic: 

1) Links from to various 
HP pages are broken

2) The configuration example on is different than what is 
generated by juju init. The difference is confusing, several fields 
seem to be conflicting in nature (default-series, defaul-image-id).

3) Juju gives a very confusing error message if object storage is not 
activated and activated in the right region

4) Juju does not seem to work with keypair auth-mode, only userpass 
seems to work.

5) Region names seem to have changed as compared to our documentation 

6) the purpose of some fields feels too cryptic. I don't really know 
what 'tenant-name' is for.

7) Bootstrap fails like this:

zyga at g580:~$ juju bootstrap --upload-tools
error: cannot start bootstrap instance: cannot find image satisfying 
constraints: failed to get list of flavours, caused by: no endpoints 
known for service type: compute

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