Questions about Juju features

Hongbin Lu hongbin034 at
Thu Mar 14 15:44:29 UTC 2013


I am looking for deployment tool for cloud and Juju is on my list. May I
ask several questions to decide if Juju matches what we need.

1. Does Juju support Hybrid cloud deployment. For example, I want my app to
be deployed on EC2, and database deploy on private cloud(e.g. OpenStack).
Is that possible to do that with Juju.

2. Does Juju support deploy collection
of principal(non-subordinate) services to one instance. For example, in
some case, I want my tomcat server and DBMS to be deployed on a signal EC2

3. Does Juju provide any API besides CLI. Any restful/soap API exists? Or
any language-specific API exists?

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