[PROPOSAL] lock juju down to using charms from LTS and latest release only

James Troup james.troup at canonical.com
Wed Mar 13 19:47:23 UTC 2013

Robbie Williamson <robbie at ubuntu.com> writes:

> I'm not sure we need to support two LTSes come 14.10, but then that
> means existing deployments with 12.04 are forced to upgrade to the
> next LTS to get continued free updates and support for their charms.
> I think from a coding and complexity perspective, simply saying latest
> LTS plus current release is best.  Plus, for the 14.04 LTS release we
> would keep
> 12.04 supported for 6 months until 14.10, allowing time for updates.
> Thoughts?

A 'latest LTS plus current release' policy effectively limits LTSes to
2½ years for Juju users.  I think this would be very unfortunate.

(Full disclaimer, it's obviously very easy for me to vote for more free
 money (so to speak), as I'm not responsible for the support burden that
 would result from a 'all current LTSes plus current release' policy.)


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