Vagrant boxes with Juju now available

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Tue Dec 10 05:21:33 UTC 2013


Hi everyone,
> Ben's been working on providing Vagrant images with Juju built in:
> This is particularly important for those of you on Windows or OSX we
> share the /vagrant directory, allowing you to quickly hack on your
> charm locally and deploy to running Ubuntu Cloud instances just as you
> would to a provider. (Except without the cost!)
> Please feel free to send feedback to this list!
> Yesterday I follow the tuto cause I wanna quickly test Juju for
professionnal needs. Everything was find, I has my Juju GUI, until I tried
to deploy some charms.

I deployed a mysql one and a mediawiki. I take a look to the IP adress it
gaves me :

I opened my host browser, and try to connect to the IP. It failed. After a
little discussion on IRC, @utlemming told me that I have to use sshuttle to
transfert the network to my real one.

I use the command line

sshuttle -e 'ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null vagrant at localhost:2222'

(The command line seems to be no persistant by the way)

But I'm still not able to connect to my mediawiki with

Anybody could help ? I would demonstrate how Juju could help us at work but
for now...

Thx in advance guys, you do a ream great job

> --
> Jorge Castro
> Canonical Ltd. - Automate your Cloud Infrastructure
> Cheers
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