Vagrant boxes with Juju now available

Tim Penhey tim.penhey at
Sun Dec 8 20:38:29 UTC 2013

On 07/12/13 07:46, Daniele Stroppa wrote:
> John, David,
> the reason why I'm destroying the service and re-deploy it's because I'm
> testing/debugging my charm's hooks, specifically the install hook in
> this case. 
> My understanding is that 'juju upgrade-charm' will trigger the
> upgrade-charm hook, right? But I believe the install and upgrade-charm
> hooks are not always the same, correct? 
> So, in this case using the upgrade option on juju deploy (juju deploy
> --upgrade --repository /vagrant/charms local:precise/node-app) actually
> does the job.

On the road-map we have plans around making the charm development cycle
easier with the local provider.

Ideas are still being fully crystallized, but hopefully we'll have
something cool for 14.04.


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