The juju/go trunk has moved!

roger peppe roger.peppe at
Thu Jun 7 09:03:36 UTC 2012

On 6 June 2012 20:43, Gustavo Niemeyer <gustavo.niemeyer at> wrote:
> As previously mentioned, we've been moving the Go development
> activities to a new project in Launchpad:
> As arranged over the whole day on IRC, the trunk for the Go port is
> now at a new location:

Sorry, I wasn't there for the discussion, but could you briefly
say why the import paths are "" rather
than "" ?

The extra "juju" seems unnecessary (and other projects such
as goamz and gozk don't have them)

One other thing: i tried "bzr branch"
and got this error:

bzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "Cannot create 'trunk'. Only Bazaar
branches are allowed."

Is this all because we don't want to define the Go port as "trunk" in juju-core?

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