List of charms with problems

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo.niemeyer at
Wed Jan 18 20:37:09 UTC 2012

In addition to the misplaced charms (which were not verified further
at this time), we have a number of problems related to the content of
the charms.

Some of those problems are being caused by the fact we are using a
bool values in default fields with a "type: string". We've already
debated about this in the channel and will be introducing boolean
types so that we fix these in the best way possible. Other issues are
unrelated, and should be fixed in the charm themselves.

We should try to fix them all, or remove the branches if possible,
since these will be blocked by the store at import time.

Here is a list of them so far:

----- lp:~ahmedelgamil/charm/oneiric/trac/trunk
error: YAML error: line 5: found a tab character where an intendation
space is expected

----- lp:~charmers/charm/oneiric/limesurvey/trunk
error: config: options.db-persistent.default: unsupported value

----- lp:~charmers/charm/oneiric/minecraft/trunk
error: config: options.spawn-animals.default: unsupported value

----- lp:~charmers/charm/oneiric/mongodb/trunk
error: config: options.web_admin_ui.default: unsupported value

----- lp:~charmers/charm/oneiric/python-moinmoin/trunk
error: config: options.xapian_search.default: unsupported value

----- lp:~charmers/charm/oneiric/roundcube/trunk
error: config: options.use_https.default: unsupported value

----- lp:~clint-fewbar/charm/oneiric/nova-cloud-controller/trunk
error: config: options.nova-config.type: unsupported value

----- lp:~emamdouh/charm/oneiric/php5-fpm/trunk
error: metadata: requires: expected map, got nothing

----- lp:~george-edison55/charm/oneiric/thinkup/trunk
error: config: options.cache.default: unsupported value

----- lp:~james-page/charm/oneiric/tomcat7/trunk
error: config: options.multicast.default: unsupported value

----- lp:~marcoceppi/charm/oneiric/charm-helper/trunk
error: open branches/lp%3A~marcoceppi%2Fcharm%2Foneiric%2Fcharm-helper%2Ftrunk/metadata.yaml:
no such file or directory

----- lp:~marcoceppi/charm/oneiric/minecraft/trunk
error: config: options.allow-nether.default: unsupported value

----- lp:~mark-mims/charm/oneiric/rails/trunk
error: config: options.repo_type.type: unsupported value

Gustavo Niemeyer

-- I'm not absolutely sure of anything.

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