Coordination: updating bug status regularly

Gary Poster gary.poster at
Tue Jan 17 18:53:12 UTC 2012

Hi.  My squad is enjoying working with Juju.  I've encouraged us to dig
in and not only file bugs for problems we encounter, but work on them.

We had a coordination problem with . Graham Binns claimed the
bug and went a long way to fixing it over the past day or two, and then
subsequently saw Ben Saller link a branch from over a week ago.

It's not a huge problem this once.  At Gustavo's encouragement, Graham
will also push the branch and make a merge proposal, to see if there are
any differences or changes in his code that might be valuable to

For the future, I'm going to encourage my squad to join this list and
announce the bugs that we tackle, in addition to continuing to use the
Launchpad interface to claim the bugs and link the branches.

It would also be useful for us if the core Juju devs updated the bug
status regularly.



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