Test suite failing in buildds - possibly because of zookeeper dying?

Kapil Thangavelu kapil.thangavelu at canonical.com
Fri Jan 13 10:57:53 UTC 2012

Excerpts from James Troup's message of Fri Jan 13 10:20:23 +0100 2012:
> Kapil Thangavelu <kapil.thangavelu at canonical.com> writes:
> > Per discussion with Clint at the platform rally, we believe this is likely due 
> > to a problematic buildd environment, that's resulting in a resource constrainment 
> > that's causing issues for the zookeeper server.
> Could you be more specific?  These same 'problematic buildd
> environments' also manage to build LibreOffice, the Linux kernel and
> gcc.  If they manage to build those packages fine but are somehow too
> constrained for zookeeper, my off-the-cuff reaction would be that
> zookeeper is doing it very wrong™.

good point, we dug into this a bit more early this morning, and while there is 
some randomness across other series, the problematic series is precise, and 
indeed there appears to be a regression against twisted 11.1 which i'm tracking 
down now. ie. not a builld problem.



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