Test suite failing in buildds - possibly because of zookeeper dying?

James Troup james.troup at canonical.com
Fri Jan 13 09:20:23 UTC 2012

Kapil Thangavelu <kapil.thangavelu at canonical.com> writes:

> Per discussion with Clint at the platform rally, we believe this is likely due 
> to a problematic buildd environment, that's resulting in a resource constrainment 
> that's causing issues for the zookeeper server.

Could you be more specific?  These same 'problematic buildd
environments' also manage to build LibreOffice, the Linux kernel and
gcc.  If they manage to build those packages fine but are somehow too
constrained for zookeeper, my off-the-cuff reaction would be that
zookeeper is doing it very wrong™.


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