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Hi Brandon,

I am a bit puzzled by your answer and actually I don't understand why sudo
is to be banned on MacOS as this is something I am doing routinely on
Ubuntu (may be I should not :-) ). Can you explain that one or just point
to some docs on that topic ?

If I do what you are suggesting (sudo chown -R $USER:staff /Library/Python)
then other user on the system might have the same problem I do have ... On
a laptop - assuming a single user - that might be fine even though it seems
odd. At least I would expect the script to set back the ownership to the
former owner i.e. root:wheel.

For me the best solution, assuming that sudo is not an option, might be to
install the software under my $HOME directory but I am not sure this would
be easy.

As far as irc is concerned don't be sorry - I am at GMT+5.5 so this will
always be tricky :-)

Thanks a lot for your help


On Sun, Apr 29, 2012 at 9:49 PM, Brandon Holtsclaw
<me at brandonholtsclaw.com>wrote:

> Right, your gonna want to do just what it says there in this new message.
>  Now you can either use Disk Utility from a Boot CD and Run "Repair
> Permissions", or you can give your self write access to this directory as
> well like you did the last one, as it should be writeable by your user
> account just as 3 others I'll list here as well incase they are wrong as
> well. Use the same command as last time ( and the same as what you would
> run on Ubuntu as well )
> export USER=yourlogin
> sudo chown -R $USER:staff /Library/Python
> Above is the new directory it mentioned. Below are not needed by
> Juju specifically but are likely out of whack on your system as well if
> those were.
> sudo chown -R $USER:staff /Library/Ruby
> sudo chown -R $USER:staff /Library/Perl
> sudo chown -R $USER:staff /Library/Cache
> And them there is a 3rd option that is outlined in the paragraph it
> printed for you as well as a link that will likely explain what I'm about
> to below ( as well as tell you how to fix it like above or install to an
> alternate location like your home directory )
> ** Now note, the way these generally get messed up are by running "sudo
> pip install blah" or "sudo gem install blah" or "sudo easy_install blah" ,
> it can be an easy mistake if your muscle memory is pre programed to do so
> for apt-get or dpkg on Ubuntu ( or rpm etc etc ) but its a big no no on OS
> X and the primary reason the "Repair Permissions" button in the Disk
> utility even exists. Python libs and Ruby gems etc are designed to be built
> and installed fully by your unprivileged user account, as is anything in
> /usr/local ( same on Linux too but I dont think its enforced or has
> the consequences it does on OS X ) thus brew unlike easy_install or pip or
> gem, will flat out tell you it refuses to run with a big red message if you
> by habit do "sudo brew install blah" to try and prevent further damage but
> this also makes you "Fix" any previous mishaps or they are only writeable
> by root after using the sudo once. **
> Short of the long story, I'll add these 4 directories to the Forumla to
> catch other corner cases hopefully, and incude it with the next update to
> the package. But I wanted to make sure you understood the "Why" when I say
> "Its your system thats broke, and maybe in other places too" as I did in
> the last email VS just saying , "ok do this".
> Hope this helps! Cheers.
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