Call for discipline in landing branches in lp:juju

Clint Byrum clint at
Wed Apr 25 06:08:25 UTC 2012

As the intrepid Ubuntu release team moves us toward a successful release
of Ubuntu 12.04 in less than 48 hours from now, we turn our eyes to
the future... [cue music]In the year two thousaaaaaaaand..

There are two important milestones in juju's near term future:

galapagos  - 12.04.1 fix release
honolulu   - anything that we want to land before go port attains feature

Galapagos is the current active dev milestone. It is intended as an
update to be pushed into precise before 12.04.1. Because of this fact,
it needs to be important and straight forward bug fixes only.

Preferrably, all of these fixes need to have explicit test cases
added. This will make it that much easier for us to move juju through
the update process, which is rigorous but should be easily doable if we
are disciplined.

So I'd like to ask that we hold off landing any branches that are not
fixing a bug on this list:

I'd also like everyone to scan these bugs and drop anything that you don't
think is vital to ship to precise users of juju. We can ship any "nice
to haves" and new features in a backport of honolulu to precise-backports.

There are 47 bugs as of right now, and only 6 weeks to work on this
list. 12.04.1 ships on July 19. While we're not in main, we do want to
make sure we align with this milestone so that users are served a solid,
usable juju along with the first point release (which is also when we
enable lucid -> precise upgrades.

6 weeks from Wednesday, April 25 puts us at June 6. We can wrap
up as many high priority bug fixes by then, and then submit it to
precise-proposed. It will take a while to verify all of the fixes, but
I want to leave some wiggle room so we are already in precise-updates
when 12.04.1 is cut on July 19.

Feedback on this is appreciated.

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