How to contribute documentation to juju.

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Thu Apr 5 14:10:30 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I took a bit of a dive into fixing some of the glaring problems in the
documentation. We're not good yet, but at least the commands we have
on there run. :) Here's how you can contribute to juju's
documentation. I've started a page for "contraints" based on the man
page, but it could use some fleshing out if you're using the feature:

Step One is to read the docs:
to see what we're actually publishing, then find the section you want
to update.

Branch the code:

    bzr branch lp:juju/docs

Go into the docs directory and find the document you want to edit. The
files are in Restructured Text format:

    cd juju/docs/source

Make your changes with your favorite text editor, then commit it to
your local repository and then push it up to Launchpad.

    bzr ci -m'Whatever your changelog will be'
    bzr push lp:~jorge/juju/foo

Replace "~jorge" with your launchpad username and "foo" with a name
that describes a fix, so something like `bzr push
lp:~jorge/juju/fix-typos-in-introduction` or something.

Then `bzr lp-propose` to propose your fix. That's it!

###Checking the Documentation

You can optionally check that your formatting is correct before you
submit the fix to the project. Juju uses [Sphinx][4] for
documentation, so you need to install it:

     sudo apt-get install python-sphinx

And then run it from the `juju/docs` to make sure your fixes pass:

    cd juju/docs/
    make html

This puts the HTML in the build/ directory where you can browse it.

I'll be watching the merge proposals for docs and will integrate your
work as it comes in.


Living document here:

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.

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